PRO fabrics technologies by FORZ Cycling
The FORZ Cycling PRO (Performance & Race Optimized) fabrics are developed
and engineered for the most demanding cyclists with the highest standards
 for leading edge apparel design, construction and craftsmanship.
By integrating the newest innovations, technologies and engineered for optimal performance from Wet to Dry and Hot to Cold.

PRO Lite : Our premium level PRO Lite fabrics features very finest micro polyester filament yarns dual layer   (fine and ultra light weight fabrics) plus special finishing to be finer hydrophilic (water lover).
Together technology actively pulls moisture away from the skin to the outside surface of the fabric
for quick evaporation to keep the cyclists dry and comfort.

PRO Team : PRO Team fabric technology offers finest micro polyester fiber feature
and moisture management system to absorb sweat and quick dry like almost pro team cyclist wears.

PRO Stretch : Integrated 4-way stretch combine Tactel, Coolmax and Lycra with moisture management systems.  Keep the cyclists look fit, cool and very comfortable.

PRO Padding : Made from systhetic chamouis laminated with double density polyurethene foam to keep the cyclists cool, comforts for long distance.